Portable Cubicles

  • 7'6" x 3'9" Front Leg Mushroom Cow Cubicle
  • 7'6" x 4' Front Leg Mushroom Cow Cubicle
  • Pre-cast heelstones are available for sand beds.
  • Portable Blank Cow Cubicle Beds to take most makes of cubicle

For longer beds, position the cubicle further away from the back wall  as this part is only lunging space.

All cubicle metal work is available direct from us direct, so if you are creating your own beds with a product such a our heel stone coping, then we can provide you with all the appropriate accesories to complete your job.

Please also take a look at our cubicle end wall water troughs which compliments any cubicle layout and help cut set up time and costs.

Please click here for more information on cubicle end wall troughs

Young Stock
  • 7'0" x 3'9" Young Stock Cubicles
  • 6'6" x 3'3" Young Stock Cubicles

Train them young!

Our young stock cubicles have been designed specifically for young and small stock. If you get your stock used to the cubicles while they are young then you will have less problems later on.

Heel Stone
Heel Stone Coping

Heel Stone Coping

Precast heel stone coping designed for the fast and efficient formation of sand bed and loose bedding cubicles, eliminating the need to shutter form your own heel stones , saving labour cost and materials.

Available with a precast lip which can be used for screeding off for new passageways.

Cubicle End Wall Troughs

A pre-cast concrete water trough with an integrated end wall to finish a run of cubicles. Available in single row or double row sizes.

Cubicle end wall troughs are designed to reduce set up time and costs compared to traditional end wall solutions that currently entail the use of a concrete panels supported by  steel metal work that is cast in to the shed floor.  Also being a concrete trough you do not get the leaking problems associated with some tip-over troughs.
Standard Portable cubicles
Standard Portable Cubicle
Standard Portable Cubicle
Standard Portable Cubicle With Heel
Standard Portable Cubicle With Heel
Double Cubicle End Wall Trough
Double Cubicle End Wall Trough